Sunday, June 27, 2010

new squad for AE BOUNTY

next up is my newly painted squad of mercenaries, aliens, shipboard marines, or whatever for the much anticipated game: AE BOUNTY. 11 marines for shipboard antics, 2 leaders with pistol and close combat weapon; 2 with heavy weapon; and 7 with rifles. Depending on points cost will field as small 5 man squad or as 10 man squad. easy conversion using GW dark eldar pirates and

Star Wars CMG Mon Calmari heads. I like them so much better than dark eldar pointy heads.

yet another save from the trash heap of misfit miniatures. perfect for the paranoid boarding party of aliens ,beginning each adventure with the battlecry " It's a Trap !!!"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All terrain personnel carrier

Hey this is my new all terrain personell carrier for my sci fi armies.

Kind of an all terrain sci fi hanomag. armored cab- 2 HMG anti personell weapons

to assist the troops dismount and dispersal. carries 1 squad in to battle- spider legs lower the cab down and the squad jumps over the walls onto the step then to he ground( just like a hanomag).

All in all I will have 6 of these badboys, busy painting up the other 5 now....probably for use in FAD; Forge of War; or StarGrunt II.

not a difficlt conversion at all each model consists of 1 robogear spider walker and 1 Starwars CMG rebel troop transport. pretty fun and cheap conversion. the robogears I got for 8$ each and the troop transport for 1-2$ each.