Tuesday, July 6, 2010

28mm terrain for AE Bounty


just a progress shot of some modular terrain boards Im working on for AE BOUNTY.

these are 2 out of 4 boards im working on. each is 24 by 24 inches mounted on thin/cheap plywood, and walls/corridors/rooms made from using rubbermaid drawer organizers epoxied to the plywood. Have not begun the task of gluing 2d paper walls to the plastc yet. tthese 2 boards can be used for cargo bay/ fighter/shuttle launch. am in process of designing different overlays for the wide open space--ie engineering/machinery/bridge.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

new squad for AE BOUNTY

next up is my newly painted squad of mercenaries, aliens, shipboard marines, or whatever for the much anticipated game: AE BOUNTY. 11 marines for shipboard antics, 2 leaders with pistol and close combat weapon; 2 with heavy weapon; and 7 with rifles. Depending on points cost will field as small 5 man squad or as 10 man squad. easy conversion using GW dark eldar pirates and

Star Wars CMG Mon Calmari heads. I like them so much better than dark eldar pointy heads.

yet another save from the trash heap of misfit miniatures. perfect for the paranoid boarding party of aliens ,beginning each adventure with the battlecry " It's a Trap !!!"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All terrain personnel carrier

Hey this is my new all terrain personell carrier for my sci fi armies.

Kind of an all terrain sci fi hanomag. armored cab- 2 HMG anti personell weapons

to assist the troops dismount and dispersal. carries 1 squad in to battle- spider legs lower the cab down and the squad jumps over the walls onto the step then to he ground( just like a hanomag).

All in all I will have 6 of these badboys, busy painting up the other 5 now....probably for use in FAD; Forge of War; or StarGrunt II.

not a difficlt conversion at all each model consists of 1 robogear spider walker and 1 Starwars CMG rebel troop transport. pretty fun and cheap conversion. the robogears I got for 8$ each and the troop transport for 1-2$ each.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Gecko-Saurian light hover tank

This is a Saurian light hover tank for FAD4. One crew, two big guns(haven't worked out what they are yet). This is a test paintjob, pretty quick to paint, overall happy with results, although not sure about windows yet. I may paint over most of them wih hull camo scheme. I like its low profile,Hetzer-esque look. And the beauty of it is it cost a whopping $1.49. 3 more to paint for the Saurians, and 4 more for an undecided faction. Between starwars, robogear, terminator hunter-killers, and star trek romulan fighter kits, I have quite a large inventory of vehicles to choose from. which is good,because I can now sell all those pricey/ugly GW monstrosities.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

starwars CMG repaints

long time since my last update. now I have been slowly building up forces for a couple armies to play the free scifi rules FAD 4 ( fast and dirty ). So I figured it would be appropriate to make my armies fast and dirty (and cheap!!). These starwars CMG figures are my new project- very affordable and very plentiful (easy to order just the ones you want at trollandtoad.com ).
I am thinking of at least one human army, lightly armored and non armored.Also a Saurian army(my poor lone Trandoshian has 85 more friends waiting for paint). I may use the droids for their own force, but I am leaning on using them as generic squad augments useable by any faction as equipment. they will likely serve as : heavily aarmored point guards for squads; light droids for recon and artillery spotters; and possible 3-4 light droid detachments to provide suppresion fire support to a human or alien squad, while they are freed up to manuveur and flank. The Saurians were to get a simple soviet Beo-gam pattern but got carried away.
I'm really excited about using these cheap minis, especially since some of the larger tank-like pieces are only $1.50-$3.00 apiece. The droids were quickly painted and are still waiting for their detils prior to activaion. I also have a bucketload of these to use for smaller boarding action scenarios.(hopefully with the upcoming AE-BOUNTY by Darkson designs)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

28mm Gauls for Impetus rest of unit pics

rest of impetus Gaul unit pics, each unit has 3 pics...these were painted about 6 years ago,rather sloppily, just to get them on the table for WAB, now hopefully they will see battle for Impetus.