Tuesday, September 22, 2009

28mm Gauls for Impetus

Just finished rebasing some old , old glory Gauls for Impetus. Currently have 2 medium cav, 9 light foot warbands, and 2 light foot Gaesati warbands. All I need to do now is base some skirmishers(and maybe buy the full rules, and find an opponent, and find time to play). I really like this range of old glory- very dynamic,many different poses. So far thats 176 infantry and 24 cavalry(all with different hand painted shields-whew) based up. Still have 30 slingers and 29 archers painted, waiting to be based...1 of my poor archers died in the maw of a crazed Shitz-Tu.
very hard to see detail at this range...I may post individual unit pics later.


  1. They look really good! You should post some close-ups.

  2. Yes please, closeups. Want to see those shields. Very impressive even from this distance in the picture!