Sunday, February 7, 2010

starwars CMG repaints

long time since my last update. now I have been slowly building up forces for a couple armies to play the free scifi rules FAD 4 ( fast and dirty ). So I figured it would be appropriate to make my armies fast and dirty (and cheap!!). These starwars CMG figures are my new project- very affordable and very plentiful (easy to order just the ones you want at ).
I am thinking of at least one human army, lightly armored and non armored.Also a Saurian army(my poor lone Trandoshian has 85 more friends waiting for paint). I may use the droids for their own force, but I am leaning on using them as generic squad augments useable by any faction as equipment. they will likely serve as : heavily aarmored point guards for squads; light droids for recon and artillery spotters; and possible 3-4 light droid detachments to provide suppresion fire support to a human or alien squad, while they are freed up to manuveur and flank. The Saurians were to get a simple soviet Beo-gam pattern but got carried away.
I'm really excited about using these cheap minis, especially since some of the larger tank-like pieces are only $1.50-$3.00 apiece. The droids were quickly painted and are still waiting for their detils prior to activaion. I also have a bucketload of these to use for smaller boarding action scenarios.(hopefully with the upcoming AE-BOUNTY by Darkson designs)

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