Monday, July 27, 2009

Rebasing, as fun as yardwork?

Well it's that time of year again. I've decided to pursue playing Impetus, so I will be making all my armies interchangeably based for impetus and FOG(most will be in 1/72 plastic-based as 28mm)
my heavy inf./light infantry will be 60mm frontage and 30 mm depth with 4 stands equalling an Impetus stand...I may do 6 figs/stand for heavy close order and 4 /stand for light infantry.
currently basing my NKE.. will post pics as soon as possible.
My basing method for 1/72 plastics is as follows:
1) sprue cutters to remove plastic base from individual figs( this leaves the mini standing on platform shoes)
2) coat the 60 by 30 mm base(I use thin formica samples-free from local DIY store)-with a thin layer of adhesive grout
3) texture the grout
4)paint the grout with thinned ground color paint/ink
5)place the minis in the grout and let dry
6) drybrush ground and glue on flock

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