Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Kingdom Egyptian army for Impetus

Well, I have finished my New Kingdom Egyptian army for Basic Impetus.

The figures are 1/72 Caesar miniatures, consisting of 3 separate boxes of figures.

I am very impressed with Caesar's range and commitment to the chariot period,

and what great figures! It is primarily Caesar and the advent of plastic primer spraypaint

that enticed me back to the scale of my youth.

The army for Basic Impetus consists of 4 units of light chariots; 2 units of heavy infantry;

2 archer units;and 1 poor unit of archer skirmishers.I have chosen to use 2 chariots per element,although the rules only called for one. I plan on adding some sparse vegetation to the bases as soon as I figure out how to make it look good. As I figure out his blog thing a little more each time, I may even one day post a battle report.


  1. Hi, very nice army there. May I ask what made you decide on Basic impetus? I'm curious because I've read the Basic Impetus version and tried it out with my warmaster-based 1/72s and found the game fast and easily digested. Warmaster Ancients still remains my favorite though because of the available material I have for the game but would like to hear what other people think of the impetus rules.

  2. hi ,thanks cooey. I guess the large element-large block of figures like a diorama.. the rules feel similar to armati which was a favorite of mine..I also like warmaster for the unpredictable nature of movement/turns..and basic impetus is free...I don't get to play a lot but hopefully soon