Sunday, August 9, 2009

Indian Elephants in 1/72

Here are the beginnings of my Indian army for Impetus (also FOG).

I figure 12 elephant models should be enough for any occasion. In

Impetus I would use 2 models for one unit, giving me 6 units of elephant power.

The models are 1/72 plastic by HAT/COATES & SHINE, and are not that bad.

My personal favorites are Zvezda and Caesar in this scale but sadly neither do

an Indian line yet. These were very quick to paint up as I did not do very much

detail or decoration....I may revisit them later...I may not.

I'm very happy with this sizeable elephant contingent as it was very cheap.

maybe 5 or 6$ per box, and whats best is there was a mistake and each box contained 3 elephants instead of 2.


  1. Hi in fact it is not a mistake and each box does come with 3 elephants.