Monday, August 10, 2009

28mm Saxon warbands

Hello again, these are pictures of 2 of my Saxon Warbands based on 20mmx20mm metal bases,stuck on magnetic move trays. 2 x 24 man units for a half finished WAB army. Each warband has 8 Huscarls in the front rank and 16 supporting thegns. The figures are all Black Tree Design, part of an army deal. All figures came with hand axe only, so all the figures with a spear have had the axe drilled out and replaced. That was a lot of drilling as i have two other unpainted similar units. shield designs all hand painted( poorly too ). Boy I think Wargames Factory Vikings/Saxons are going to sell like hotcakes... I think if i do Viking/Saxon it will be in 1/72-between Zvezda and Emhar and If only I still had myRevell boxes... I don't know why but i really enjoy 1/72 plastic. It paints up quicker, it's cheaper, more accurate human proportions.,and I still base them as I would 28mm metal. of course these saxons actually measure about 33mm while my 1/72 are about 25mm.

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  1. WoW - these are lovely figs. Just getting my platsic Wargames Factory figs on the table now!